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Job Interview Protocols

There really is no better way to pass a personal interview than to fully prepare yourself for it.  It therefore goes without saying that you should be able to defend  your application for the position you applied for with total confidence.

Defending your position is knowing the basics, theories and application of  your knowledge in a given field or profession. Aside from being  confident about yourself, you must also keep in mind the following pointers:

  1. Be on time. Arriving at least 30 minutes before the interview gives you enough time to freshen up, relax and compose yourself.
  1. Look your best. Wear clean and appropriate office attire or uniform in line with your trade or profession.
  1. Greet your interviewer with a smile of confidence. A good grip during a handshake typically conveys a feeling of confidence on your part. It is  wise to ask the agency coordinator about the culture of the interviewer. If  their culture is such that they do not do handshakes, simply greet your  interviewer with a warm smile.
  1. Respond to questions in a clear manner. Simple English will do as long as it is clear and in the correct grammar.  It is better to be honest to say “I am sorry” if you really do not know the answer. Wait for the interviewer to finish his question before answering.
  1. Answers to questions must be direct-to-the-point. Walang paliguy-logoy at walang sad stories about your family. Negative comments about yourself or your  family will earn you negative points only.
  1. Maintain good eye contact. Look into the eyes and lips of your interviewer when he speaks. It tells the interviewer how attentive you are.
  1. If you did not understand the question the first time, be polite to ask your interviewer to repeat his question by saying, “I am sorry, could please repeat your question?”
  1. At the end of the interview, thank your interviewer, mentioning his/her name. Ex. “Thank you, Mr. Jones, for the interview.”

Initial Documentary Requirements

Initial Requirements for Overseas Jobs

  • Resume with detailed Job Description
  • Employment / Training Certificates
  • Diploma & Transcript Of Records
  • Board Certificates / PRC ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • Passport photos, 6 pcs. 2×2 Colored Photos (w/ collar)
  • 2 Whole-body photos ( 4R / in business attire  with white background.)

Initial Requirements for Local  Jobs

  • Resume with Job Description
  • Employment / Training Certificates
  • Diploma & Transcript Of Records
  • NBI Clearance
  • 2×2 Colored Photos (w/ collar)

We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way



Involves searching through our own database and placement of ads as needed. (Applicable to both overseas and local jobs)

Initial Interview

Entails matching of qualifications, job experiences and character analysis. (Applicable to both overseas and local jobs)


Covers the determination of available credentials and travel documents that are needed. (Travel document is applicable for overseas jobs only)

Principal Interview

This applies to overseas jobs only. This is conducted either through face-to-face interview by the principal or through a live tele-conferencing which can be set up at our office.

Final Selection

For overseas jobs, Job offer is made coming from the foreign principal. For local jobs, job offer is made by Archway management.

Travel Clearances

This applies to overseas jobs only. It involves obtaining of visa stamp on the passport, securing of POEA e-Receipt (OEC), and Pre-departure Orientation Seminar. Other certificates may be required depending on the positions.


For overseas jobs, this includes purchase of air tickets and final orientation by our recruitment officer, and airport assistance prior to departure for abroad. For local jobs, this simply means being assigned to a local client site.

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