The documentary requirements from principal employers vary depending on the host contry’s own set of rules and regulations pertaining to hiring foreign workers. POEA is also concerned on the state of economy, the records on human rights abuses being reported by the Philippine labor attache back to our government. As such, additional requirments may be required by the POEA as it deems necessary in order to protect the welfare of the Filipino workers.

However, the following are the typical basic requirements that are asked of our principal employers.

1. Manpower Demand Letter (to the agency) – It enumerates the number of workers required, salaries & benefits and terms of employment;

2. Special Power of Attorney (SPA) – This is a legal document binding the principal with the designated agency, vesting authority to the agency to recruit and deploy workers on their behalf;

3. Master Employment Contract / Individual Contract – This is a legal document binding all parties: employer, agency and the worker, to a set of agreements concerning the job offered, salary offered, working schedules, rest days, and benefits. It also embodies terms of termination and expatriation at the end of the contract;

4. Recruitment Agreement;

5. Arabic Visa with English translation;

6. Visa Delegation;

7. Certificate of Commercial Registration;

8. Photocopy of sponsor’s national ID;

9. Location map and photos of accommodation;

10. Letter of Commitment;

11. Survey Form if applicable;

12. Revocation if applicable;

13. Authorization letter of the authorized representative;

14. ID copy of authorized representative.

All these documents will have to be presented to the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the host country for verification and authentication before they are forwarded to the agency for submission to the POEA for acknowledgment and registration. It is important that these documents carry English translations.
If you have any questions regarding the above, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Recruitment Officer via email at We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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